Infinity Lights

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Infinite Possibilities!

Create 15 different shapes!

Create 15 Different Shapes

The new light that's fun and unique!

Infinity Lights

Why Infinity Lights?
Infinity Lights are powered by a regular light bulb. You can display them on any surface, slide them over an existing lamp, or hang them with the included cord.  Infinity Lights can be used indoors or outdoors.  Imagine your next outdoor party or barbecue on the patio with Infinity Lights!  Infinity Lights can enhance weddings and other social events.  Infinity Lights can add to the mood of any occasion!

With Infinity Lights, your options are endless! With each 30-piece kit, you can make any one of 15 different shapes. Creating your Infinity Light is FUN,FAST, and EASY! Simply connect the pieces to make the shape of your choice. Their easy to follow instructions as well as numerous support videos online make them simple to put together in just 5 minutes or less! ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Features & Benefits

  • 15 different shapes
  • 15 vibrant colors
  • Use indoor and outdoor

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Infinite Possibilities!

Create One of a Kind Light Art With New Infinity Lights!

Infinity Lights add excitement to every room!

There's a new light that's fun and unique!

Introducing the Infinity Light – light art with endless possibilities. Infinity Lights are decorative lights that add excitement everywhere you put them. Add some fun to your child's bedroom, your newborn's nursery, to your little princess' room, and so much more! Infinity Lights are perfect for the dorm room, they're perfect for the apartment. Infinity Lights add excitement to ANY room!


Matt S.  
"Infinity Lights turned my small, dull dorm room into an exciting, cormfortable space. I'm able to customize them any way I'd like!"

Jenny M.  
"Infinity Lights added the perfect touch to our outdoor party. We were able to customize them into different shapes and colors to give our backyard a unique and fun look!"

About Infinity Lights

Infinity Lights make the perfect gift that people love!

Order Infinity Lights today!

There are 15 beautiful, vibrant colors to choose from. Pick your favorites! You can even combine colors. Create your own unique look, or pay homage to your favorite sports team. You even have the option to choose among three sizes – small (10"), medium (13") or large (17")! Each Infinity Light is made of a light weight, high quality poly-propolene material that's weather resistant, heat resistant, and durable!

Over a million have already been sold. Kids, teenagers, college students and adults of all ages all love Infinity Lights. Visit and pick your light and color, and start having fun today! Get the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!

15 beautiful, vibrant colors to choose from!